Desktops2Go® Puts Your Office in the Cloud

Desktops2Go® is a fully-hosted, state-of-the-art server and desktop solution that allows you to focus on your business, not the technology. Desktops2Go® is designed to help small to medium sized businesses employ faster, more efficient and effortless computing without the expense of conventional IT operations.


“Desktops2Go® is a valuable piece to our business and we look forward to continuing with your company.”– Barry Bartee
“Our credit union uses Desktops2Go® and we are happy that we made this decision.”– NMFCU
“The whole work-from- home capability has changed our lives.”– Barbara Dauber
“The best feature for us has been the speed...”– Continental Properties
“It only took three days to convert our whole operation and it was much better than I expected.”
“Desktops2Go® allowed me to go from being a part-time unqualified IT person to a full time CPA...”– Ginsberg, Nottingham & Mapp
“We have been able to eliminate hardware maintenance costs and the portability of Desktops2Go® is fantastic.”– David McElhaney
“It was an easier process than I thought it would be overall, and I feel we are now prepared for the long haul.”– B & Z
“ of the best decisions we have ever made.”



Desktops2Go’s cloud computing desktop solutions significantly help to reduce your IT costs through our secure and flexible pricing options. Contact us to find out more about our pricing plans and hosting options!

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About Us

We have been providing innovative technology solutions for over 24 years.


With businesses focusing on mobility and struggling with the costs and management of IT, desktop virtualization and remote desktop services are the ideal solution. The main drawback of this approach is the amount of capital and expertise for an organization to implement an in-house Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Our owners envisioned providing hosted virtual desktops and cloud computing solutions for organizations at an affordable price since 2009.


Our solution isn’t just infrastructure - your data resides in our private data centers for added security. We provide full migration of your applications and data no additional costs along with our three monthly pricing tiers so you only pay for what you need. Contact the Desktops2Go® team or your local technology provider right away for a free no obligation assessment. We have saved clients up to 60% off their current IT spending.