Desktops2Go® brings your office to you

Desktops2Go® is like your best friend

Desktops2Go® grows with you

Desktops2Go® saves you money

 Desktops2Go® Puts Your Office in the Cloud


Your desktop, data, and applications move with you. Be productive no matter where you are, whenever you to, and from any device.


With built-in data encryption and security, your data is secure and accessible in our private virtual data centers.

Control Spending

With a predictable low monthly fee, you move your IT spend from CAPEX to OPEX. On average, Desktops2Go® saves businesses up to 60% on their current IT spend.


Allows your business to quickly upscale or downscale your IT requirements when needed without expensive investments in IT infrastructure.


Your data is replicated to our secondary Las Vegas data center so, in the event of a power outage or natural disaster, you always have access to your business-critical data and applications.


Desktops2Go® keeps your virtual servers and desktops up-to-date with the latest patches and software. Everyone works from the same standardized hosted desktop without any additional cost to you.

Our Numbers Do The Talking


Delivering Cloud Solutions Since


Guaranteed Uptime


Our Team's Average Years Of Experience

What is Desktops2Go®?

Desktops2Go® is a fully-hosted, state-of-the-art server and desktop solution that allows you to focus on your business, not the technology. Desktops2Go® is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses employ faster, more efficient and effortless computing without the expense of traditional onsite IT infrastructure.

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Why Work With Us?

Desktops2Go® has been offering cloud servers and desktops to businesses since 2009-before "cloud computing" was even a known and accepted industry term. This means that we are proven and experienced in the delivery and management of cloud solutions and didn't just recently jump on the cloud bandwagon.

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Our Philosophy

At Desktops2Go® we believe if the end-users are happy and productive, then life is good. We strive to provide your users with the same level of performance and reliability they are accustomed to using a local computer; without the associated costs and IT headaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

Our users can now be productive all the time, even if someone doesn’t feel well enough to come in to the office, or if they weather is bad.

Desktops2Go® support is so responsive and escalates advanced issues quickly.

The process of moving to Desktops2Go®was painless and did not take long at all.

It is a huge advantage, to be able to dispatch, invoice, do payables and service customers without ever going into the office. 

It's so nice not to have to deal with upgrading our servers any more.

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Join thousands of others who work anywhere, anytime and from any device.  Learn what increased productivity really means!

About Us

Desktops2Go® is the ultimate business computing platform available today. Launched in 2009 by parent company NetTek, LLC, Desktops2Go® has grown to be a respected leader in cloud-hosted servers and desktops.

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