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Our Story

Backed by NetTek, a managed services provider since 1991, Desktops2Go® was launched in 2009 with one focus in mind: delivering cloud solutions, at an affordable price, to businesses of all sizes.

While many providers caught onto the hype that 'cloud' and virtual desktops started to generate a few years ago and are still in the start-up phase, Desktops2Go® has the actual experience and expertise as an established cloud services provider that will quickly and directly benefit your business.

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Why Desktops2Go® Is Different

>>  Established and Proven

We have spent the last 10 years developing and perfecting a best in class hosted virtual desktop solution. We have developed well-documented processes and procedures which our team relies on to manage and deliver a secure and reliable hosted desktop solution on a daily basis.

>>  Always Evolving

We benefit tremendously from the knowledge gained from the technologies that have come before and leverage that to continually evolve and deliver state of the art infrastructure to clients. Now on our XXX generation hosted virtual desktop platform, we constantly strive to implement new technologies (after they have been fully vetted by our team of experts of course!) to ensure that clients are running on the best technology that the industry has to offer.

>>  Cost Less Than Public Clouds

It’s true. In an apples-to-apples comparison, Desktops2Go® is considerably cheaper than using a public provider. There are some cases, like dev, where it can make sense to be in a public cloud such a Microsoft Azure but for traditional hosted virtual desktops, we come out on top.

>>  Built-in Backup & Disaster Recovery

This is a non-negotiable for us. While some providers have a standard backup and charge extra for disaster recovery (or don't offer disaster recovery at all), is delivered Desktops2Go® standard with backup and disaster recovery.  Whether it's an accidental deletion of a file or a natural disaster at our primary data center, your business won't miss a beat.

>>  Compliant Cloud Solutions

We take security and compliance seriously. Now more than ever, businesses have regulatory requirements which dictate how they operate and manage client data. We SSAE/SOC 2 Type 1, HIPAA, and DFARS compliant for clients with real regulatory requirements.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: The ability to work anywhere from any device should be accessible to businesses of all sizes at an affordable price.

Benefits such as an increase in productivity, scalability to meet business demands, predictable costs, and critical data protection and security enable businesses to work faster, smarter and at a lower cost than with traditional onsite infrastructure. Instead of worrying about IT, business leaders can remain focused on their business and obtain their strategic business objectives quicker and ahead of their competition.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a superior cloud experience. From the moment you decide to migrate, we work behind the scenes with your Desktops2Go® partner to ensure your transition to the cloud is seamless. Once you are fully migrated, we offer best in class infrastructure, performance, and support to ensure you reap the maximum benefit from your hosted virtual desktop environment.


Our Guarantee

At Desktops2Go® we believe if your end-users are happy and productive, then life is good. We strive to provide your users with the same level of performance and reliability they are accustomed to using a local computer; without the associated costs and IT headaches.

If something is not performing to your standards during the initial onboarding, we will work with your Desktops2Go® partner to fix it. Our guarantee is that you will be completely satisfied or you do not have to go live on the Desktops2Go® platform.

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