Partner Program

Claim your piece of the cloud without having to invest in it.

Are you ready to grow? Let us help take your cloud business to the next level. 

Desktops2Go® offers you the ability to provide a cloud solution, without having to build it on your own, while maintaining your client relationships.
With no minimum commitment, our partner program boosts your bottom line immediately with upfront payments, and monthly residual commissions. 
We also provide you with go to market materials and client-facing contracts so you have everything you need to begin your cloud journey.

Our partner program isn't just infrastructure. We also provide full migration of your client’s applications and data, at no additional cost, as an added benefit for your business offering.
Once onboarded, we provide Tier 3 infrastructure support to your team so you don't have to make the investment in a higher level cloud engineer.
Most importantly, we believe in the client-partner relationship and remain behind the scenes while you continue to nurture your client relationships and grow your business.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Desktops2Go® partner, visit our partner site
or contact us today at (844) DESK-2-GO!