What exactly is a Value Added Reseller?  As the name implies, a Value Added Reseller is an entity that purchases technical products, such as hardware and software, and then updates these to specifications based on the requirements their clients request. These updates define the value added concept of their name and are most commonly customized based on the person or business’ needs. By providing these upgrades and customizations, resellers were able to thrive in the technical support market.  However, in an ever advancing technological culture with a constant demand for user ease, where can a value added reseller find a modern niche?

Can a reseller remain relevant when it comes to the cloud?  The cloud has made value added resellers less necessary in their traditional sense, but according to Hayes Drumwright, founder and CEO of Trace3, they can survive as long as they adapt.  Resellers have had to shift their efforts to keeping customers equipment and software up to date with trends in SaaS and DaaS, and making sure they are aware of any changes that may make back up easier and more complete rather than installing and maintaining software.  Customers of value added resellers want to have the latest and greatest innovations available without the headache of maintaining their equipment themselves.  By providing IT support with service, knowledge, and insight in technology shifts the reseller can remain a viable business.

A reseller can now set themselves for success by operating as not only an expert resource but an ally.  A modern reseller will function like an added member of an IT team.  They are able to help maintain current business functionality but also help prepare businesses for implementing change.  As cloud options become more and more accessible, the reseller has evolved to lead clients into the future as expert guides ready to shift at anytime to meet a customer’s individual needs.

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