Top 3 Hosted Virtual Desktop Myths You Should Not Believe

Explaining hosted virtual desktop/cloud computing to an SMB business owner is not an easy task which is due in large part to not being able to extract the ‘geek speak’ from the concept. We get this and want to take the time to set the record straight, in simple terms, about the many benefits and dispelling three of the most common misconceptions about hosted virtual desktop solutions like Desktops2Go®.

Myth #1 – Virtualization is too expensive for SMBs

Many SMB business owners assume that the newer and more advanced a technology is, the more expensive it is to obtain and maintain. That’s not the case at all for desktop virtualization and moving your data and applications to the cloud.

It’s actually the opposite. Taking into consideration that you no longer have to make the CAPEX investment in server infrastructure (this includes the physical hardware, software, backup solution and everything else you need to maintain an in-house server), your costs go down. By leveraging a hosted virtual desktop solution like Desktops2Go®, you get the benefit of shifting your IT spend to a pay as you go OPEX model. Your costs are predictable, easy to forecast, and you no longer have to worry about the costly hardware replacement cycle.

Myth #2 – Virtualization adds workplace complexity

Change is difficult and implementing a change across an entire business can be a daunting thought if you don’t understand what is actually involved. With Desktops2Go®, users make one quick stop at a login page to enter their credentials and from there, they are able to access their data and applications just the same as if they were using their traditional desktop.

Additionally, once your team understands that they can access the company data from any device and at any time, gone are the days of sharing files via USB (which can easily be lost or bring a virus into your network) or emailing files to themselves in order to be able to work on them from home or while out of the office and then having to remember and manage correct file versions.

Myth #3 – Cloud is unsafe

That using a virtual hosted desktop solution to access your data and applications in the cloud is not safe is probably the biggest myth that surfaces in every cloud discussion. We know it’s hard to believe that data stored beyond your physical control can actually be safe.

In reality, storing data on-premise and on your own servers makes you more susceptible to cybersecurity attacks, vulnerable to natural disasters, and at greater risk of a disgruntled employee wreaking havoc on your server. The old adage “the best defense is a good offense” applies with the cloud. Strong governance, enterprise-level security, 24/7 monitoring are just some of the benefits that build a wall of offense against the very real threats that businesses face.

It’s natural for new technologies to cause confusion. Virtual hosted desktop solutions are no exception. Working with a proven and experienced partner like Desktops2Go®, simplifies the discussion and ensures a smooth journey to the cloud.

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