If you’re looking to switch to a hosted or virtual desktop option for your business, there are a few options that you can consider. Cloud based solutions, using Desktop as a Service or DaaS, is an extremely popular option. There is also VDI or, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It all sounds intimidating, but really, there are clear pros and cons to both, and you’ll need to decide which solution fits better for your business.

A DaaS solution offers far more flexibility than a VDI. Since DaaS is cloud-based, it is not tied to one particular machine. It is easier to move materials to accommodate changes, to patch, upgrade or restore in the event of failure. A DaaS solution is also better if you don’t have, or don’t have a large internal IT force. It takes a lot of pressure off of your IT professionals since they don’t have to worry about maintaining software used by the organization. Of course, depending on your business and what you need, that same plus may be a minus. DaaS does not allow for a large number of modifications from an internal IT department.

VDI is a better solution for customization if you have a lot of specific things that you would want to be customized for your business. Your current IT staff have more freedom to maneuver and make business specific changes for your company. There is also the question of connectivity– DaaS has a larger trust component built in, since you will have to rely on your 3rd party provider to keep your data safe. A VDI offers a secure connection, but is not as easily accessible if your employees are working from a personal device.

When considering which option will fit best for you and your business, you’ll need to weigh your pros and cons and and discuss your needs with your IT staff to see which solution will best serve your business long term.

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