The most productive employees are happy employees and companies now have the ability, through desktops as a service (DaaS), to reduce overhead, increase productivity and make workers happier. Through hosted desktop solutions and shared software, employees now have the ability to be mobile. DaaS makes it easier for workers to have flexible hours and flexible office space. Business owners and employees can turn downtime waiting in an airport for a flight, into working time, maximizing both their working hours and personal hours when the work day is done.

With the internet fully involved in each of our lives, accessibility to shared data via the internet has never been easier. Many locations away from the home or office offer WiFi access, eliminating the need to be physically tied to a particular location. Increased access to real-time data enables workers to stay on top of projects and accounts from anywhere at anytime. Gone are the standard 9-5 office hours; workers are now able to access information from home or wherever else they may be.

How can Desktops2Go® streamline your mobile workforce?

  • DaaS (Desktops as a service) enables users to access their desktop, apps, and the corporate data they need on a variety of devices, meaning they can be productive from the device that best serves them.
  • A hosted desktop solution keeps software and data secure as these corporate resources are hosted entirely in an off-site datacenter. By maintaining data in a central location, it cannot be left on or lost from a device.
  • With DaaS you can make the most of your existing hardware. Rather than using storage space on a physical device, data is stored remotely and accessed as needed, eliminating the need for constantly upgraded physical storage.
  • Certain programs run better remotely hosted. Management becomes easier because centralized management makes software and patching much simpler. It also allows IT complete control over the configuration of the desktops and apps, ensuring that both the operating system and the programs are optimized.

Who benefits with a more mobile workforce? Everyone. Workers can access not only work related data through a hosted desktop solution, but also personal information; leave, pay statements, handbooks and policies Changes to HR policies can be immediately available to all employees and invoicing and payments can be done securely to eliminate paper waste and postage costs. Projections can be updated to reflect real-time changes to workflow to better predict final outcomes. With programs designed for user friendly ease, it can reduce time and stress for employees. It can reduce overhead by eliminating the need for individual software programs and in some cases additional physical devices. Using a hosted desktop solution can enable a wider variety of customers and industries to take advantage of the freedom a virtualized desktop solutions provide.

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