An unexpected fire in your office, a power outage due to a natural disaster and even the occasional round of the flu are just some of the incidents that can have an impact on the continuity of your business operations. To ensure business continuity and appropriate disaster recovery during any unexpected interruption, you will need a continually updated and tested business continuity plan that focuses on recovering lost data, keeping your data center up and running and ensuring your workforce still has secure access to their apps and data during a disruption. With Desktops2Go®, your data is protected for you and if something should happen that your employees must work from an alternate locations, they will still have access to their normal everyday desktops and data.

Other important points to focus on for a disaster proof business continuity plan are:

Keeping a full copy of your business’ critical data an appropriate distance away: Ideally, you would like to keep your main and secondary data centers on separate power grids in the event of an outage as a general rule. With Desktops2Go®, data is located off-site from your business and is fully redundant providing you peace of mind.

Realistically testing your business continuity plan to see if it works: Examples tests could be for a specific process or department (i.e. or a limited type of disaster event such as “if we lost building X, how would keep our business going?”

Ensuring a secure BYOD policy to help employees work around outages: Desktops2Go® is great for ‘bring your own device”, BYOD programs and this is particularly useful during times when disaster strikes. Users will have access to their data from anywhere and from almost any device.

While the above suggestions offer a brief explanation on some basic measures to think about when formulating your business continuity plan, make sure to factor in any documents (including your plan itself) or applications that you have hosted by your cloud provider to make sure these are accessible in the event of a disaster.

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