Is the Cloud Right for My Business?

The answer is…yes.

No matter the size or industry, there are tangible benefits for every company. Let’s take a closer look at how cloud computing helps all types of businesses be more productive and obtain their strategic goals and objectives.

Business Type 1: Start-Ups
If you have ever started your own business, you know that it’s all about spending and oftentimes without a lot of revenue coming in to offset that spend. It’s a daily battle to preserve cash and one of the last budgetary line items to be funded is technology. Truth is that while the IT needs may seem to be pretty basic, in today’s competitive climate, they tend to be complex and are at the core of the day to day business.

The cloud delivers the right-fit technology to start-ups with:

  • Opex model versus a large capital outlay of precious cash
  • Ability to scale users and resources up or down as needed
  • Enterprise level security and backup without the associated costs
  • 24/7 access to data and applications from anywhere and any device
  • Supports all types of workers: remote, contract, project etc.

Business Type 2: Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

An established small or mid-sized business (SMB) always keeps an eye on the bottom line while continuing to add resources that can help them to grow. The core positions of admin, HR, finance etc. are typically filled as the budget allows. An in-house IT person is usually one of the last positons on the mind of a SMB owner. This is where the cloud and a good Managed Service Provider (think of a Managed Service Provider as outsourced IT for small businesses) eliminates the need to hire internal IT resources (or worse yet, having IT duties managed by anyone in the office that has the ‘extra’ time). This combined approach of the cloud and a Managed Service Provider keeps the SMB focused on their core competencies and not on managing the day to day technology issues and requests.

Here are just a few benefits for SMBs that leverage this model:

  • All of the IT under one umbrella eliminating disparate solutions that don’t work well together
  • One point of contact for all IT needs and support
  • Advanced security and virus protection
  • Reliable backup and disaster recovery services
  • Up to date software and constantly refreshed hardware

Business Type 3: Large Enterprises

There is no question that large enterprises are much more complex, and technology projects are part of the day to day business. Because they could afford to have in-house IT staff and maintain onsite infrastructure, these types of businesses were the last to adopt a transition to the cloud. The demands of special projects and varying workloads have paved their way to the cloud and for many of the same reasons that benefit the SMBs.

Here are a few of the reasons we are seeing enterprise organizations move all, or at least some of their workloads, to the cloud:

  • Ease of scalability- resources can be added in a matter of minutes without the Capex costs
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery options which are easily implemented and can be regularly tested
  • Enterprise level security that equals or even improves that of what they currently have in place.
  • Ensures software versioning and compliance, and hardware updates
  • Supports the entire workforce from onsite, remote, contract to special project staff
  • Test and dev environments without impacting day to day business or incurring additional Capex costs

No matter your business type, one thing is for sure, there is a right fit cloud solution, like Desktops2Go®, for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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