Cloud Providers- Is Bigger Always Better?

The Players

The Big Guys:

You have likely heard the names of enterprise-level cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Their platforms span across the globe and include a network of data centers and resources. They are established and their complex environments can’t be easily replicated but does bigger always mean better? For the economies of scale, the enterprise policies and procedures can leave you feeling like one in a pool of many without a life-ring. Dedicated resources are not provided for your initial setup or your migration. Ongoing support does not exist. For the majority of small to medium-sized businesses, making a smooth transition to the cloud requires dedicated resources (internal or external) to manage these areas.

The Dedicated Experts:

This is where a cloud service provider, like Desktops2Go®, with a mature managed cloud offering demonstrates their value. Personalized attention during the planning phase, hands-on during the migration, and providing ongoing support are areas in which big guys can’t compete.

Identifying the Cloud Services You Need

The range of cloud services available in today’s world are overwhelming. For a small or medium-sized business the primary cloud services consumed are:

Cloud Servers: Compared to on-premises physical servers, cloud servers are a cost-effective alternative. The environment is customizable, allowing you to house the same applications and data your business uses on a day to day basis, but with improved access, greater availability, and lower licensing and support costs.

Cloud Application Hosting: The primary difference between Cloud Servers and Cloud Application Hosting is that instead of all of your data and applications being in the cloud, a single line of business application (or many applications depending on requirements) are hosted. Examples of this would be email or QuickBooks or industry-specific applications (like AutoCAD for design firms) or proprietary application (such as one designed specifically for your business by a programmer).

Now Is the Time

Traditionally, these types of cloud environments were only obtainable by enterprise businesses. Today, with the advances in technology and focus on cloud resources, small and mid-sized businesses are able to take advantage of cloud platforms. Regardless of business size, one thing remains a constant- it has to be managed by someone; it will not maintain itself. Each business that makes the transition to the cloud is faced with two choices: invest their own time, money and resources or turn to the expertise of a trusted provider like Desktops2Go® who can manage things for you. Companies that choose the latter benefit from the operational performance gains and cost savings afforded by a cloud environment, while focusing on their core business, not managing their IT.

A managed cloud service provider like Desktops2Go®, along with your dedicated Desktops2Go® partner, provide you with comprehensive, full-service management of your cloud environment. Together, we not only manage your underlying cloud infrastructure, including resources and operating systems, but also any applications and data housed on these resources. Avoid the high cost of ownership associated with physical, on-premise equipment by transitioning to an OPEX, pay as you go model designed to let you focus on your business and not IT.

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