Bring my own what?

The latest trend affecting today’s workforce is the growing ability to be mobile; being able to work from wherever you are with access to everything you need as if you were actually in an office. B.Y.O.D., or “Bring Your Own Device” is a way in which the worker can use whatever platform and device they currently own as their mobile workstation. But with all the different devices currently available, how do you ensure that your employees have everything they need to effectively work outside a traditional office?

If you have users bringing their own devices, you may want to consider incorporating DaaS. DaaS, or, Desktop as a Service is a 3rd party hosted mobile desktop that employees can access via a secure connection from any device of their choosing. This allows documents and programs to be centrally located for all employees to access. DaaS saves your internal IT people time (and headaches) regarding routine maintenance and upkeep and frees storage space on your existing internal physical devices for you to use as necessary.

Desktops services such as these are usually purchased on a subscription basis allowing you to pay for only what you need and simultaneously stay up to date on the newest and best versions of the software your employees use everyday. In an on-the-go workforce DaaS offers a simple way to keep everyone on the same page wherever they may be working from and whatever they may be working on.

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