Why Desktops2Go® ?

Peace of Mind

At Desktops2Go® we pride ourselves on a commitment to quality and ensuring the security of your data. Being mindful of these has served us and our end-users well over the last 10 years.

Desktops2Go® uses the latest technology, both in hardware and software, to deliver a first-class and secure end-user experience.  We believe if the end-users are happy and safe working in the cloud, then everyone is happy.  We know they have to use their system every day to complete their work.  Making sure that is a good experience is critical to a successful cloud deployment. We also know that data security is paramount in today's world. Ensuring that data is safe from cybercriminals is core to our day to day operations.

Our length of experience as a cloud provider makes Desktops2Go® unique in a crowd of many. Moving companies to the cloud is not new for us and we didn't just launch last year.  We've been bringing cloud servers and desktops to the business community since 2009.  That experience gives our partners and end-users peace of mind.

Client Retention
User Experience
Help Desk Performance

Proven Results

See what our partners and end users have to say...

“The whole work-from-home capability has changed our lives.” Barbara Dauber

“It only took three days to convert our whole operation and it was much better than I expected.” Gary Cupp

“Our credit union uses Desktops2Go® and we are happy that we made this decision.” NMFCU

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